Who drives culture in DevOps?

Culture change can be driven from the top down or the bottom up, but one is more effective than the other. Culture is an important part of DevOps, so many organizations ...

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What’s coming in 2018: Digital privacy and security predictions

Organizations in 2018 will have greater capabilities to decentralize information need, through both blockchain- and non-blockchain-based solutions. In this article, Joe Stuntz, Vice President of Cybersecurity at One World Identity (OWI) gives ...

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Drive your career forward by being open about your goals

Anyone working in an open organization should take advantage of opportunities to find their own contexts, tools, and training. You may need to step out of your comfort zone if you ...

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2017: A year of highs and lows for Linux and open source

Jack Wallen takes a look into the wayback machine to view some of the highlights open source and Linux enjoyed throughout 2017. Ah, 2017, it was a good year for Linux—one ...

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How Open Source Will Enable Smart Cities

Developers of smart city technology will have no choice but to turn to open source if they want to keep up with the demand. Go back a hundred years and services ...

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10 open source technology trends for 2018

What do you think will be the next open source tech trends? Here are 10 predictions. Technology is always evolving. New developments, such as OpenStack, Progressive Web Apps, Rust, R, the ...

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How open source technology helps feds solve workforce turnover issues

As older federal IT workers retire, agencies can turn to open source technologies to help them preserve knowledge automation systems, gain flexibility and create a new agency culture. Just as a ...

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Report: Java developers are most excited to work with Kotlin

RebelLabs wants to get inside the mind of a programmer with its 2017 Developer Productivity Report. The report focuses on why developers use certain tools over others and how satisfied they ...

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US Pentagon expected to invest in open source software in 2018

It leads to competition to inspire work with open source that supports the mission of the Department of Defense The US Pentagon is set to make a major investment in open ...

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3 open source alternatives to ArcGIS Desktop

Looking to create a great looking map or perform analysis on geospatial data? Look no further than these open source desktop GIS tools. Much more than just making pretty maps and ...

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Senior Java Consultant

Oslo, Norway | NOK 500,000 - NOK 600,000 pa

We are currently working with a consultancy who specialise in Java related technologies. They are often described as the closest thing to freelancing within a managed model.


Senior Java Developer

Oslo, Norway | 850,000 NOK

We are working with an independent IT company who are looking for a Senior Java Developer to join them. They currently have consultants who contribute to some of the most the most important public projects in Norway.

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