Java is one of the most energy-efficient languages, Python among least energy efficient

Energy efficiency isn’t just a hardware problem. Your programming language choices can have serious effects on the efficiency of your energy consumption. We dive deep into what makes a programming ...

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Why Python and C# can’t displace Java, C, or C++

As the programming language field gets more crowded and developers use more languages in their code, Python and C# suffer from inherent limits Although Java, C, and C++ have seen drops in ...

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7 reasons why Java is not heading to retirement

Despite its industry age, here are seven top reasons Java is not headed into retirement anytime soon. Three billion devices currently run on Java, according to Oracle, the billion-dollar computer tech corporation ...

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10 Surprisingly Interesting Ways to Earn a Living Using Java

Amazingly enough, some people don’t find coding exciting—it’s just another boring job to them. But while there may be plenty of boring programming jobs out there, that doesn’t mean you ...

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IT career myths that could be holding you back

Modern technologies influenced our everyday routines and changed the way we work and communicate. With its immense importance and popularity, it is no wonder that IT sector is growing rapidly ...

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20 interview questions for Java and Open Source professionals

Whether you are running a large enterprise and trying to find the right Java or Open Source professional, or you have upcoming interviews for a new job, knowing which questions ...

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The UK outdoes the US and surfaces as one of the top five leaders using IT Contractors.

The UK has positioned as one of the top five countries for IT contractor use whilst the US and China make plans to do the same says an international study. 76% ...

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Why does it Matter to you that we Love Working at J People?

Why it Matters to you that our Recruiters love working at J People.   Your staffing partners matter much more than you think. The best IT Recruitment companies ensure that their sales ...

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Is a Recruiter really worth it?

How you can tell if A Recruiter is really worth it.   A vast amount of money is paid to recruiters to help source and hire employees. Some recruiters aren’t worth a ...

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Sourcing - Is It The Most Important Part of Recruiting?

The Most Important Part of Recruiting Is…Not Quite What You’re Expecting…   It is obviously Sourcing, I hear you say. No, it is not Sourcing. Plenty of people will question how that is ...

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