Thursday, 08 March 2018

Did you know 52% of engineers would take less money to work for a respected brand with a great company culture?

As Herb Gosewisch, the partner of employee engagement consultants U.S. Alliance Partners said, “They [developers] have more loyalty to their career and personal development than the company that employs them.” Especially in the technology industry, employees can quite easily become a contactors or freelancers if they are unhappy at their current workplace. That is why employers need to make working there the right balance of fun, challenge, and reward.

If you are struggling to hire and retain the right people in your teams, you needn’t give higher salaries or increase your overheads by huge amounts. Implementing an employee retention strategy doesn’t require a huge budget and you can start working towards a better workplace today.

Our eBook explores the ways to attract the right people, why you should think about employer branding and how to create an environment to encourage employee engagement and retention.

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Latest jobs

Senior Java Consultant

Oslo, Norway | NOK 500,000 - NOK 600,000 pa

We are currently working with a consultancy who specialise in Java related technologies. They are often described as the closest thing to freelancing within a managed model.


Senior Java Developer

Oslo, Norway | 850,000 NOK

We are working with an independent IT company who are looking for a Senior Java Developer to join them. They currently have consultants who contribute to some of the most the most important public projects in Norway.

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