Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Google and Netflix have announced a new project designed to reduce the risk of rapidly rolling out deployments to production. Kayenta is an open source automated canary analysis service designed to enable teams to quickly push production changes and perform continuous delivery at scale.

Kayenta is based upon Netflix's existing internal canary system but has been updated to handle more advanced use cases and reduce error-prone and time consuming ad-hoc canary analysis. Kayenta is an automates canary service. Canary analysis, named after the idea of a canary in a coal mine detecting deadly gases, is a software release deployment process in which a change is partially rolled out and then evaluated against the current deployment called a baseline to make sure the change is operating at least as well as the baseline, using various metrics.

Kayenta uses Spinnaker, an Open Source continuous software delivery platform for releasing software changes quickly on multiple clouds. Originally, Spinnaker was developed by Netflix for its own operations. They worked with Google and now Kayenta is an Open Source service anyone can use.

Kayenta does a rapid statistical analysis of the new release, based on metrics chosen by the user, such as processor and memory usage and error rates. It then provides an aggregate score for the "canary".

The software is also "pluggable" meaning that it is open for software tools to pug into it, such as monitoring services and metrics. Currently, it supports Prometheus, Google Inc.'s Stackdriver, Datadog and Netflix's Atlas but it will eventually support others such as Amazon Web Services Inc.'s CloudWatch.

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