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How you can tell if A Recruiter is really worth it.


A vast amount of money is paid to recruiters to help source and hire employees. Some recruiters aren’t worth a portion of what they get paid and just end up wasting the time of both job seekers and businesses. However there are top recruiters out there which use techniques to find the best candidates.

Here are six ways in which you can tell if a recruiter is worth it or not.

Possessing good people skills

Being able to find the perfect candidate on paper is something that most recruiters can do. A few of the candidates will be a great fit in the business, but some will have flaws which don’t stand out on paper or fit in with the company’s culture.

Knowing the field which you recruit in

Top recruiters will take the time out they need to see what makes each company unique. Good recruiters will always ask questions. They will find out if companies have particular goals and objectives that they want to achieve and will also find out about the companies culture.

Taking their time to help job seekers

Useful recruiters know that you have to establish and satisfy both the company and the talent side when recruiting for a job. You have to make an effort with the candidate and you can do this by building a database of top talent, and also developing relationships.

Communicate regularly

Satisfactory recruiters will know that they have to communicate regularly with companies and candidates so that they know how hard they are working. They will fit their communication around posting jobs, looking for new talent, and reviewing applications and resumes.

Being realistic

No perfect candidate exists for every job; however the best recruiters will always find a way to fill a position. This could be with a candidate who just needs further training or one that has an interchangeable skill.

If a recruiter promises to widen your talent search or find you a more qualified candidate than you can find on your own, then they are more than likely able to do this.

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