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Why it Matters to you that our Recruiters love working at J People.


Your staffing partners matter much more than you think. The best IT Recruitment companies ensure that their sales and recruitment teams are happy. Making sure these teams are enthusiastic gets you the biggest worth from your money. Having happy employee’s acts in the best interest for their clients, increases productivity, and raises customer satisfaction. Happy recruiters feel more in touch with the business and this impacts how they perform.

This is exactly what happens at J People. In my role as a Recruiter with J People, I have been able to see the working atmosphere created. Recruiters are more than happy to take ownership of the success of J People and that of our clients. This is how it matters to you.

J People Commit to your Business

Initially, it was the mission statement really drew me to J People. The best IT staffing Companies are never a “one size fits all” recruiting team and here at J People we are not one of those. Our main focus is doing what is right for both the candidate and the client. We don’t want to be the biggest but the best supplier of IT Professionals. This goal gives meaning to our work.

So why would this matter to you as a business? Gaining meaning through work empowers recruiters to get over problems, do more and pursue creative solutions. Meaning they are more willing to make it easier for clients.

J People are trusted by Candidates

Getting to know candidates and making sure that they are a perfect fit for the position matters to candidates. On a day to day basis, candidates have faith in us, as they know that can disclose confidential information with trust. We get to help them make the right decision not only for the candidate themselves, but also for their family. That matters to your business.

At J People, we create a connection of trust which is difficult to break. We have the candidate’s best interest at heart when making suggestions of who to work with. Not only do we want to make a placement with them, we want the placement to last.

J People Run an Office that People Love

J People has a positive atmosphere. Before I came here, I have not worked in such an environment where I could develop relationship and make genuine friends. Everyone is motivated by one another to better themselves in their career.

Having positive recruiters in the office will create more creativity. Positive emotions in the working environment fill the brain with dopamine and serotonin. These make us feel great and empower us to investigate situations and solve problems at faster speeds. Having cheerful recruiters, means we will be able to hunt down hard-to-find candidates at a greater speed.

J People Learn Faster than the Average

Engaging with other members of the business is essential. Sharing ideas internally means everyone learns something new and the quality of service we provide goes up.

I can confidently say in our office we are truly engaged in our work. Everyone brings something different to the table as we all come from different backgrounds. We have a great advantage in that sense as we are a broad group. At J People we are engaged by the work we do, brainstorming, and idea sharing from our diverse thoughts.

Our office in Southend is full of recruiters who have been in the industry from 10-4 years, meaning new recruiters can gain experience from others. As J People evolves as a business, our clients get provided with high quality service.

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