Tuesday, 23 January 2018

It is common knowledge that having technology skills is the fastest route to gaining real career mobility and progression, but it also has the capacity to change your life in a multitude of other ways.

Learning to code gives you the ability to create your own schedule. Despite the expected deadlines and meetings, coding gives you more control than any traditional 9 to 5 job. From setting your own hours, taking days off when necessary and working remotely, there are few careers that provide the level of flexibility as technology jobs do.

More experience = higher rates

Developers with more experience can charge premium rates for freelance or contract work. There is no limit to what you set your hourly rate as, especially when you have experience, a portfolio and testimonials from previous projects. The more skills and experience you develop and acquire, the more money you can earn per hour. Therefore, you can work fewer hours whilst still earning a comparable amount to that of a permanent job.

As you become stronger in the technology field, as a freelance worker or contractor, you can be selective and turn down jobs that you are uninterested in without hesitation. Likewise, if you prefer to have a permanent job with regular income, you are much more likely to work in an industry that you’re passionate about while working on the project you really love with new, exciting technologies constantly.

Whilst you will still need to dedicate time to LinkedIn and Stack Overflow networking at the start, as you gain a reputation in your field, eventually the process of finding new projects will complete itself.  Experienced technology professionals often save their time and energy through having higher chances of being headhunted. In addition, employers may recommend you to their contacts. You will no longer have to deal with the laborious job application process.

Optimal motivation, work quality and focus

All of the time saved looking for new projects, combined with the potential for flexible hours, will give you more mental energy and focus when working on projects that you are passionate about. You will finally be able to dedicate time to passions without affecting your work. In fact, the additional work/life balance will likely improve your motivation and work quality.

Working in this industry also provides more opportunities to work remotely. You will be able to finish your assignments wherever you are in the world.

Greater self-accomplishment

People working in technology often say it feels like a “secret society”. Learning to code will allow you to actively partake in discussions and debates surrounding technology whilst seeing a payoff from the time spent studying and practicing.

Furthermore, improving your technology skills will allow you to obtain a greater sense of self-reliance- you can “tame the wilds on the web” on your own. Using the technological skills that you have learnt will give you a real sense of accomplishment. Whether big or small, reaching pivotal points of a project or overcoming a problem, these will make you feel that you have truly achieved something.

Whilst many people are primarily motivated by money when deciding to learn to code, you will gain so much more. Many coders main motivation is now to continue gaining skills and learning new languages. They are often inspired by creating their own applications and sites, helping others in the community and learning from new experiences. Most importantly, they are able to have that sense of accomplishment every single day.

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