Tuesday, 03 May 2016

The Most Important Part of Recruiting Is…Not Quite What You’re Expecting…


It is obviously Sourcing, I hear you say. No, it is not Sourcing.

Plenty of people will question how that is even possible!  However it’s true.  Sourcing is not the most important part to recruiting candidates. Of course it’s a part of it, but is it the most important part? Surprisingly no it isn’t.

Sourcing does find people, that is very true, but what tends to happen now is that the candidates that are found typically think, “Yes, it probably is time for me to make a move…” and they are attracted to the opening. But like all good consumers, they want a comparison, and with the changes in the job market being easy, they will find one.

So what is the type of things that will make someone choose your company? What is going to make you stand out?

Engagement and the experience are the most important parts to recruiting right now. It’s all about ‘wooing’ the person.

It does start with sourcing to start with, including responsiveness to inquiries, connecting to candidates and engaging introductions.  However it doesn’t stop there. We know our good recruits and it is important that we know what they want and what they need as well as treating their salary requirements with respect.

Then, we follow up, we check in with them. We should be checking in from the moment that a candidate agrees to have that first chat. However it is you’d like to describe it, it is important that you are present. An email may very well be enough, but a phone is considered to be much better. That way, we are real.

We prepare the offer, we make the offer to the candidate, we would expect a counter offer from them and we always ensure that we have a positive resolution. We touch base with candidates after a follow up and ensure that we check in with candidates throughout any acceptances, their start date and through their first month and so on. We should be ensuring that we make regular ‘check-ins’ through the first two years of employment , making sure that we see to any problems that come up before they become issues, helping our candidates through any tough spots.

Does that sound tiring? Perhaps it is, but its smart business. People are our best asset and we should ‘woo’ them beyond the offer. If you can do all of that…not only will they stay, but they’ll be a walking, talking advert for you, whether that be in person or on social media.

So…it’s not just sourcing after all is it!

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